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  1. My entire 12kw array is comprised of secondhand panels (more or less). No issues so far. First panels (SolarWorld SW245) were from a retired solar farm...they performed above expectations. Remaining panels were from a solar farm that encountered severe damage during installation (unexpected windstorm), so they're technically pretty new. No issues there, if you discount bent frames 😉. As long as you get a significant discount on secondhand "used" panels, I would say "go for it." Over time, the solar panels' output wattage will slowly decrease, but this will be characterized in the specification sheet for the panels, so we can run DC window AC on solar too?
  2. Why people go for 2nd hand? I mean are they really reliable? How can we measure their health
  3. Hi, I am new here and also new to the solar arena. Looking forward for healthy discussion and knowledge about solar.
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