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  1. I have not received email, nor have I seen posted any info as to where current orders are in the queue. Will we be hearing anything soon? I do understand that you are doing all you can with limited resource's. I'm just anxious I guess. When my turn comes up, I will be opting for the split phase and the Rev C. Are there other options that I need to consider? Thanks!
  2. So, if I didn't get an email then I am not on the list for this batch? or should I wait a few days?
  3. Now that you have units in house, when do we find out where we are in the queue? Thanks
  4. thank you! your assurance has put my mind at ease.
  5. 6K ordered. in the mean while ... after reading over several discussions regarding the xfmr hold-down bolt, i would like some advice. i will be mounting the inverter vertically as part of a hand-truck generator. i don't plan on 4 wheeling it anywhere or even many steps but it will be a mobile platform. overall estimated weight will approach 200#. so, what is suggested to re-enforce the transformer hold-down so that it doesn't break loose, as i see it inevitably will. what can i do since it would involve opening the case? actually, how do you handle this issue, if during shipment, the hardware comes apart and the transformer is floating loose? do you allow the customer to initiate a repair? if this has been discussed, i apologize for the oversight. joe
  6. Inverter on order but ... Can someone provide mounting hole dimensions for the 6K. Building a handcart generator. TIA Joe
  7. Since I have just ordered a 6K, is there something here that should be of concern?
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