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  1. Passed thru 4800 hours on the meter overnight... 2 megawatt hours is going to be a while as we transition from hot to cold.. Burning less than 10kwh per day right now... No suggestions come to mind... Hoping you have success in turning GS into a long-term, viable company... Your 6k is a ****ton better than the Sigineer I had online previously... (I had to supplement it with a couple of HF inverters to keep it from rebooting constantly.) And, I still haven't repaired the 12k of their's that blew up after a week... (Only done minor mods to reduce our loads...)
  2. I'm online again... Without doing anything, so you fixed it... Be posting about passing 2 megawatts soon... 2nd inverter still sitting in the box... Thanks.
  3. Haven't been able to connect... Is it me, or the server? I did notice my wifi connection had dropped. Reset that. Didn't have time to stick around to verify that it reconnected. ( Later today)
  4. ...half of that in the HOT month of July... Still lovin it... Haven't even had to connect #2...it's a spare now...
  5. Noticed that my kwh counter on the dashboard sometimes counts down... Just thought I'd mention it.
  6. Came back from a long day out riding and my dashboard is up-and-running too. Thanks.
  7. Haven't been able to connect to the 6k this morning...had to walk to the power room to check status... Credentials entered, the logon dialog just pops back up like I'm entering invalid user name and password.
  8. Based on the complications (to me at least) of the modifications necessary for split-phase sync... and your stating that you'll get the daisy chain working, I think that I'll just have Sean hold the second order until daisy is tested. (I'm going off of thinking that the first inverter will only need a firmware upgrade to be compatible?) I'm really in no rush...just tired of looking at my main panel, **** show, that at the moment has the deep well pump and jet pump wiring disconnected and spliced into a separate panel fed by a Sigineer inverter. Max load (other than when I tried to start up that old, central AC on the roof, is well within the capabilities of a single GS inverter. I was even thinking of experimenting with everything back on the main with the single GS... (don't have a clue what the surge is and the jet and deep well pumps running simultaneously pull about 4kw based on what I've seen of the Sig stats.) To summarize, I don't know for certain that a single GS wouldn't be able to handle a situation where everything turned on simultaneously, so I want a second inverter to carry the rest of the load if the freak situation does occur.) (And, to babble on a bit, we could add a timer to the deep well pump so that it only runs at night, to fill the storage tank, when the rest of the loads would probably be off.) If you think my logic is flawed, or I don't understand daisy chain, feel free to put me straight.
  9. Didn't read beyond this.. I'll read it sometime when I have more time.... Can I get 2 configured the same as TBW and ship back the original? Getting to 12k with 2 of your relatively light inverters was a main attraction...
  10. Just ordered another 6k because we're going to retire that big, ol pig central AC on the roof. (It's amazing how much your load can be reduced by getting rid of old ****. Dryer, refig, washer...now ac...this new stuff doesn't really have a very long payback period...) Now some questions: does this mean you're giving up, or just delaying daisy chain? What's the procedure for converting the split phase to single phase on the inverter (assuming it's a configuration setting and assuming it's already a feature)?
  11. Thanks. When is the 12kw going to be ready for sale? I waited more than 6 months for the 6kw, so I can be patient...(insert grin here) (And that's from the pre-sale date. Include all of Sean's babbling about it and it seems like about a decade.) Now for a bit of nitpicking... Any way to get clocks to work properly? In about 2 weeks, they're running about 20 minutes ahead. Voltage reading in the app seems to be inaccurate at times (on the low side).
  12. Can't guarantee that a parallel/daisy setup will have a significantly higher surge capability, as the "master" inverter has to "call for help" to the slave inverters. However, they'll still try to regulate voltage...so a sag in the power line will be an instantaneous "call to action." All GS inverters will be compatible with daisy chain--after I get the code tested and working ;-). Today's project, it looks to be quite the gloomy and rainy day, so nothing better to do than work on code. How big is your central air (tonnage)? I'd expect a surge of >70A easy on 240v if it's of any size--and especially if it's older. Also, what voltage GS inverter do you have, and what size battery bank / cables? If the Sigineer can run 'em, there shouldn't be any issue with the GS running them. Assuming the Sigineer is the same voltage as the GS inverter? Answering the question for myself, the minimum amps required for the a/c is 38...that's over 9kw by my calculation. Providing additional information to you: York, 1 HP motor, 2 tons, recommended to be on a 50 amp breaker (by the label on the unit). Couldn't find a user manual online so it must be old. GS inverter is a 6kw at 48 volts. Battery bank is 25kwh. Connection from bank to inverter is 4/0 cable. So would it be better to wait for one of your 12kw inverters, rather than daisy? Even more important (now, I think), will a 12kw and 6kw be able to daisy chain? (For the day when my wife turns on the washer and dryer at the same time the ac starts up...?) I'm really beginning to think I should ****can the old ac and go with some mini-split units... BTW, the Sigineer (6kw/48v)(in my opinion) is only slightly better than a PJ...When I tried putting both 120/240 loads on it, it would usually shut down below a 3kw load. In it's defense, at least it shut down, instead of blowing up (which I did to one of their 12kw inverters that was designed in cooperation with Jack R of EVTV (RIP-I loved listening to his vlogs). So now, all it's (the 6kw) doing is the 240 loads of the deep well pump and jet pump. (12kw is still sitting in pieces in the power room...haven't felt like opening the replacement parts box...)
  13. My power room is 86 right now and the temps right to left are: 83.1 94 104.2 91.4 107.6 Load is fairly light right now as 1 of 2 swamp coolers and a mini split are done for the day. Now I need some advice... I tried running the central air off the GS inverter and scared myself (I'm well known for blowing **** up.) Odd flickering lights and funny sounds from other parts of the house. Estimated maybe 2-300 watts on the inverter when I turned on the ac. I'm guessing it pulls 5kw at startup. (We're having a really hot, early, summer that's already oppressive...so...) I'm thinking another inverter in a daisy chain will be a whole lot safer????? Are gen 1 and 2 compatible for daisy chain? Then we get into the question of deep well pump and jet pump that are running on a 6kw Sigineer I'd really like to get rid of... I'm listening...
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