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  1. I could literally cut one of the secondary windings' wires out of that lug, crimp them into a separate lug, and *bam* I'd have a "6-wire AMG" transformer. (Sure, the 2 windings probably won't be balanced voltagewise, but that has nothing to do with the point I'm making here.) I know the point you are making that PJ let the buyer decide if the inverter is 120vac single phase or can be jumper to be 240vac single phase with one 120vac line . PJ on ebay say not L1 N L2 . I know it can be wired L1 N L2 to the house but the 2 windings may not be balanced voltagewise . Is that the reason PJ say not L1 N L2 ? IF jumper for direct 240vac single phase 60 hz and L1 and L2 not balanced is ok to start an inductive load but if wire split phase and a large load is on one of the 120vac line then the inductive load will not get the full 240vac output and may not start . That split phase may have an unbalanced line and reason to not L1 N L2 but wired as L1 and L2 direct to the well pump without neutral and ground connect to the inverter case .
  2. Ah thanks for the explanation, it makes sense now. Your welcome . The old 5 wires transformer has the one secondary as a 240vac winding and the center tap makes two 120vac secondary for L1 N L2 . The AMG has 2 separate secondary windings and both are 120vac so not good for L1 N L2 . PJ in China do not understand 240vac split phase and advertise the AMG as having more output but actually output less with the rev 11.1 control board .
  3. Is there some reason for this difference or it just some more dodgy chinese maths? I'm not sure whether the 'split phase' thing makes the same size inverter somehow able to miraculously produce more output than a single-phase 230v unit? You are not off topic . The new AMG with 6 wires transformer with 2 secondary 120v windings is better for single phase 120vac . Your 8 kw 230 vac single phase 50 hz produce more output than the AMG wired as split phase L1 N L2 . The AMG should only be wire L1 and L2 and Ground for 240vac 60 hz single phase OR 120vac single phase . The old 5 wires transformer has one secondary winding and a center tap is good for split phase L1 N L2 . AMG is not recommended for L1 N L2 .
  4. 3) When I wire the universal power block for US 230V, do I jumper the N1 and N2 and then run a single wire from them to act as the ground to the pump? NO NO NO Jump N1 and N2 to ground will cause a short and blow the fuse IF wired for 240 vac . IF wire for 110v then N1 and N2 can go to ground if wire for RV and will NOT be a floating neutral . This AMG is not design for L! N L2 but will work if wire direct to your well pump L1 L2 and ground is connected to the inverter chassis . Grounding is complicated for inverter and generator . IF your well pump need more than 2000 watts the rev 11.1 control board may shut down the inverter with red light alarm .
  5. I just saw the Genetry "Thor's Notebook" video on YouTube, and my 7-pin mystery plug must be for a remote LCD screen Genetry Solar do not have video on new PJ LFPSW-8000 Inverter that I can find . Ebay has powerjack inverter .
  6. But hey, people keep buying PJ inverters, so I bought a 15 kw PJ because PJ advertise that it will do 15kw . The price is cheaper than any other inverter . I do the test and found out that it blew up all the parts . That why PJ can sell the 12000 watt on ebay and a lot of it for 329 dollars . The parts to repair is more than 329 dollars 2 years ago . The 2 complete large mainboards is 390 dollars and the control board with LF driver is 130 dollars . The ac output board is 10 dollars at the time . So why not buy a 12kw PJ and use the parts and get 3000 watts usable ouput ? My 15kw will now only do 4000 watts with the rev 11.1 control board . They PJ fix the various issue by cutting the output power so less return . Most people test with small load and do not know the real max output and the warranty run out in 2 weeks so too late to return and if complain then no more inverter for you on ebay right ?
  7. PJ does not write/modify the code of their products. That's why all of the changes have been external to the CPU, with adding parts/chips to the control board to try to adjust the firmware behavior. Since PJ do not understand crosstalk and do not have software engineer so I think PJ maybe have YiYen design and make the control boatd according to PJ spec to cut down the return rate of their inverters .
  8. replacement 11.0 board PJ sent to my friend as a warranty, to see if the charging feature is different. We tested yesterday the 01/20 and our theory was correct. His 11.0 charges at 400Watts, I think 3-4 amps. You know a lot more than me about the PJ rev 11.0 control board . I change the SWI DIP switch but not improve the wattage output . My old rev 10.3 control board with the ASL4 8kw PJ will run my hot water heater but will not with the rev 11.0 board . Now can not run the microwave . PJ consider the low wattage output working as I now never blow up any more FETs as the inverter shut down with red light alarm with load over 2000 watts . Do you know how to change the integrated amp limit or is this program into the MCU and can not be change like the GS inverter that never blow up the FETs ? I find it interesting what PJ can do with the program on the new rev 11.3 control board if the output will be even less .
  9. I have 3 running 24/7 but at very low loads. 2 of them have been running continuously for over a year and the other one the 15000 watt 3 piece one has been running continuously since August. Do you have enough charge in your battery to keep all 3 PJ inverters running through the night or do you use a generator to charge the battery at night ? I only have enough charge in my battery to run 16 hours with my 15kw PJ inverter during the winter , I think a GS 12kw will only last 8 hour at running 8000 watts with my battery and solar panel . I live in the middle of the city and the next house is only 20 feet away so the inverter fan will make too much noise at night .
  10. The v11 control board is basically the same as the 10.3(c) board with the "OEM modified amp limit" circuit on the board. There is no other significant change to the board that I am aware of. I replace the working rev 10.3 control board on my PJ 8kw with rev 11.1 controlboard and now it will not run my 5hp air compressor and shut down the inverter with red light alarm . I replace the working rev 10.3 control board on my 15kw PJ with rev 11.1 control board and now it will not run my 4 ton heat pump and shut down with red light alarm but this will never blow up the FETs . I like Sean to test the new PJ rev 11.3 control board . Pictures of the new rev 11.3 controlboard .
  11. Brand Power Jack Item no. LFPSW-26000-48-110/220 Continuous Output Power 13000W The AMG 6 wires transformer which has 2 separate 120vac secondary windings around one core can probably do one quarter of 26000 watts and so max is 6500 watts continue . The 5 wires ASL10 transformer can do 8000 watts . The problem is that if PJ can sell a 13000 watt inverter for that low price then no one will buy a GS 12kw inverter . The last youtube video say Sean will probably sell the GS 12kw for 2 and 1/2time to 3 times of the GS 6kw .
  12. Bolivia information is not well documented . it is a landlocked 3rd world country that is rich in natural resources. The one picture look like you grow a lots of corn . I use to live in Iowa where the corn field is next to the residence and corn is everywhere . I think Bolivia now has one of the largest lithium mine in the world .
  13. When the inverter regulation was oscillating, the registered output load was double what it should have been--so your reporting PJ alarms is completely understandable I use lithium ion battery at 62 v DC and no flicker . Your lithum IRON battery will max out at 58 v DC . When the DC voltage go to 52 vDC the light flicker and it is time to recharge the battery . I use the flickering light to tell me when to shut down the inverter and recharge the battery . That is one use for a poor PJ cpu design and no wifi board .
  14. That design has been around for quite a few years already, and was used in their smallest inverters. I've got one in my hand right now that's dated October 2007 (v2.3) If Scoops 12000 watts AMG has that tiny mainboard with 2 capacitors then it will have a hard time starting an inductive load surge like a microwave oven . That not enough capacitor for inductive surge . The price on ebay is less than what I pay for the 8kw with a mainboard that has 4 capacitors and 40 FETs . Nobody will buy a GS 12kw if they can buy a 12000 watt PJ on ebay right ? If they only know how PJ lie right ?
  15. PV, if you get an inverter that will do 6500w continuous for $527 and all you have to add are some faster fans, then I would say you did well! I like to know if it is a ASL10 transformer core . PJ on Ebay did have a ASL10 transformer on sale for 900 dollars but no more . A 5 wires ASL10 transformer will do 8000 watts according to someone on this forum .
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