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  1. Sid what kind of processor are you using on the genetry units ? BigBOB
  2. Thanks Sid no I didn't want any help with that just asking. Again thanks for all the help along the way I'm having lots of fun with this stuff. It's out of my area, I usually worked with switching power chargers at work and power supplies of all types Linear, switching, regulators, Also Rf and Microwave so this is a learning experience and fun. BigBOB
  3. Sid are the osverter boards any good ? I have been reading alot about them Do you recommend any of their builds. I don't mine working on this stuff it's fun. I have plenty of time and i don't need all the fancy stuff. Thanks again BigBOB
  4. Thanks Sid I was just sitting there the other day and said duhhh it goes to the display. Thanks for clairifing that. Will your boards upgrade a PJ unit and if so how much. Thanks again BigBOB
  5. Sid, what does the small toroid do is it a coil to measure current or is it a hall effect device ? Thanks Big Bob
  6. wound 15t around the torroid transformer now the voltages are the same. So for anyone else that cares it is 0.6667 v/turn so on mine i added 15 turns to bring it up 10v. so just use what ever voltage difference you get between L1 ans L2 subtract the higher one from the lower one and use that formula. In my case 10v low on l2. so 10v/0.6667 = 15turns. also use the same size wire that they used. To add turns. also make sure you wind it in the same direction or if you wind it the opposite by accident swap the added winding leads and then reconnect them if you make a mistake. One wind way adds voltage boost, the other way subtracts voltage buck. That is all i got and if i made any mistakes here please tell me and i will correct it ok. don't want to confuse anyone. BigBOB
  7. SID, do you have any idea how many turn-per-volt the 8000w inverter transformer is ? If not i am going to add some tuns and see. Thanks BigBOB
  8. Hello Happy cinco de mayo Sid I have a few questions about the 8000w 24v input SP. The power output L1 and L2 are different ?? Is it because of drive difference ? Output sense difference or Power transformer miss wound ??? seems that was or is a problem did you correct this on Genetry inv ??? Also they only sense L2 output ????. Is there anyway to sense both easily ?? Sorry for all the questions. Well thanks always for the help. How do i PM Ben I'm not very computer savy?? Thanks BigBOB
  9. Yeah I forgot I will try it out and test it to see what it will do I have 2 6000w PJ and 1 8000w PJ. so i have something to test it on. BigBOB
  10. Yeah Ben send the transformer and please give me the url's locations for the sites you mentioned. Address to [MODERATOR: PRIVATE INFO REMOVED. Please exchange private information over private messages, for everyone's safety in this crazy world. Thank you!] Thanks How do i pay you Ben ?
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