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  1. I have found some hard start kits and will probably purchase one and install it on the compressor. Thanks for your suggestion.
  2. Hi, InPhase, I have a 1 1/2HP 220V motor on an air compressor that is having a hard time starting some times even with 0 PSI in tank. It starts with no problems with ON grid power supply so the motor is good and runs perfect then. It has a 125V 710-845 MFD start cap. What size do you suggest I try and I am not worried about damaging the motor, I have others I can put on? Thanks for anyone's feed back.
  3. The price is OK, no problem there but I need more kw so I can run a large AC 24/7 this summer, a 220v water pump when pressure drops,TV,desk top PC with monitor and speaker 2 freezers,1 refrigerator, a 220v 2hp air compressor in my auto repair shop plus other small items like bench grinder,electric sander,lights etc. I have the AH needed at 24 volt and solar panels to keep them charged. I also have 2 large 24 volt forklift battery charger that put out 150+ amps each and 2 backup diesel generators. All I need is a large kw inverter, I think I will wait for your 12kw if nothing else comes along. So in the mean time I will have to run a limited amount of items at a time to make sure I am not overloading the inverter. Thanks again for your help Sid I now know where I am and what is needed to get the job done.
  4. How much $ for your 6kw inverter? Do you have a 10K or larger that is the same quality that will run at a consistent 8kw all day with no problems? As you know I have 52-6 volt batteries that gives me 2,600AH's. I am willing to switch over to 48 volt inverter if that will make it easier. Again thanks Sid for all your help.
  5. In other words buy a different inverter, have you got any suggestion or a different 24 volt inverter that you sell?
  6. Thanks Sid for your reply and yes it is a U-Power inverter. I have just put a load test on it for 60 seconds of 6,344 watts. I put 1 -7 1/4" circular Skilsaw, 1- 6" bench grinder,2-1500w electric heaters,1-1200w heat gun,1-1500w hair dryer. That is about 53 Amps. I started to smell a hot inverter so I stopped the test. Inverter is still working OK and running. The fan did not stay ON very long after I removed the load,maybe 2 minutes. What do you suggest I should do to run an large 220v AC and start and run a 15 A air compressor? I believe it will run one at a time with no problems but not both at once. Thanks again Sid for you input and suggestions.
  7. Can I install a capacitor bank on the 220v side to help start different motors like AC units,Air compressor,water pump,and hydraulic pump motor? If so what size capacitor bank? Will it back feed to the inverter and cause any damage? I been using off grid solar for over 10 years and have 3 years of college for industrial electronic. I have 52-6volt battery bank and now a new 15,000w/60,000w peak surge inverter that I been using 1 month now and uses heavy DC cables that are rated for over 400A at 24 volt and AC side has #6 copper cable rated at 55 amps going to a 50A breaker that has never tripped then to the main breaker box. The new inverter is rated at a continues 62.5 A output and a 10 second surge of 200A. I have trouble starting the capacitor start motors, sometimes they start some times they do not start. The motors run current is under 10A for the 220V and 15A for the 110V motors which is well below the upper limits of the inverter. I have used a clamp meter on the 110V 15A run motor and it draws 46.7 Amps MAX to start and 15.8A to run the air compressor motor. If it does not start in under 1/2 second it will not start. The capacitor has discharged. So the question is can I install a capacitor bank on the AC side? Are the capacitors in the inverter to small? Thanks for all you help and suggestions. Ed
  8. Thanks for the pic, it corrected the problem of no output. See new pics of it working and powering an electric 1500 heater off the 110 volt outlet. Again I thank everyone for their help,I could not have done it without your help.
  9. I thank all of you for your help, it is up and running now with good output of just a small 1500w electric heater load on the 110 side outlet. 220 shows good voltage output on the LCD display. I will load pics tomorrow. Thanks again I could not have done it without all your help.
  10. I get 0 volts because there is no wire on the center spade. I think the wire came off when it got dropped and was put on the wrong spade , see new pic. Where are the wires suppose to go. The switch is also bad,I believe the HOT lead should be on the center spade and the other 2 go with one on top terminal and the other on bottom terminal of the rocker switch of the same side of the switch. I sent Sean an email wishing to buy another switch and board that the lead plugs into that has the LED for Power ON,BTY ON, and ALARM.
  11. Thanks for the reply's and help. Pic-0114-control board with ground wire to N battery terminal. Pic-3136-Mos board V2.21 2015/6/15 Pic-5752- ribbon on right main board Pic-5648- 2 ribbons on output control board Pic-5632- ribbon on Left main board Pic-4237-LED ON right mos board and ground wire to N terminal Pic-4206- small pc board in the middle of the ribbon going from left side to control board. Question can I remove this and use a straight ribbon with no pc board? Pic-4101-Note: LF 8K-15K Main V2.1 board
  12. I moved my 15K to a new location to get closer to the battery bank and was rough handling it due to the weight and new location. When I reconnect the battery cables and turned the unit On nothing happened, I checked my connection and input voltage was 25.5 VDC and connect correctly. I removed cover and seen all 8 LED on mosfet boards lit and that was all. No LED's on any other boards,none on driver board,none on signal board,none on power source board,none on CPU board,none on I/C board,none on over load protection board and none on either of the main boards. NO LCD display on front panel, no fans,no alarms,no smell. Power save ON or OFF did not make any different. I checked DC amp draw off battery cable and got 0.01 VDC. I looked to see if any ribbons,cables or wires came off and could not find anything wrong. It is a OLD version with date on main board 2015/1/4 and mosfet boards also 2015. Where do I go from here? Thanks for the help.
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