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  1. I didn't expect it to read from the dc side, I was just wondering if the kw tally was somehow factoring in the power used by the inverters consumption. Just something I needed to know to get a better grip on the efficiency stats. The difference between the inverter kw tally & the outboard kw meter got me to taking a closer look at it & being its a feed thru hookup, i discovered its also directional & I've had it reversed which likely explains the wacky difference. Seems there's always some kinda kink in the chain to figure out.
  2. Got another ? Sid. On the inverters kw tally indicator, does it read from the final output load or the total amount including the power the inverter uses? I have 1 of those chinese kw meters coming off the inverter & just noticed the difference between the inverters tally & the outboard meter have quite a different spread being the outboard is lower than the inverters. I've suspected the outboard meter wasn't recording an accurate measurement. Just wondering if you've run an outboard test to see if it lines up with your inverters #'s?
  3. Sid, there's a serious issue in your inverter. I would like to talk with you privately about it. let me know what means that can be done.
  4. Got it calibrated good now, that's a nice thing to have but I somehow got into the inverter mode & changed it not recalling what the original setting was. That menu gives you split phase, normal & several others. I set it to normal & it seems to be ok. Is that what it should on?
  5. Sid, when you guys get things settled down where you can get product in & out in a timely manner, you might want to delve into designing a serious charger. I spent big bux buying 2 Victron 150/100's & they just gave out within a couple days of each other. I was thinking these got to be tanks at their price but guess not. Anyways, they're sending me replacements but was no reason they should have died so someone needs to fill a void offering bullet proof chargers. I got a complaint about the inverter you sent. The remote switch plug is junk & everytime I bump it, the connection is lost. I'd like to replace it but don't want to loose the warranty popping the hood to do it & not worth the trouble of sending it back & it doesn't register an accurate output voltage. If I set it to 120v, it's putting out 129v & the input volts is off too by .8v higher reading than actual volts. Other than that, it's purring along just fine so far.
  6. It's hooked up & running great. I'm glad it finally got it here, I was about to throw in the towel & get a Growatt but this is better suited for an off grid system & I'm really impressed with it's performance so far. The fans sound like a jet engine firing up on start up but at 25% load the fans just come on at a low speed & shuts back down pretty fast. Very quite at that load. I fried a charger tho, forgot to disconnect them before switching to 48v & they were set for 24v. Funny tho, 1 of them is still ok but that was an expensive goof up but now that I'm on 48v, the surviving charger will now take double the panel input & give me the same power as both running at 24v so it won't set me back too bad while the that charger goes to the shop.
  7. Well, it's here finally thank God! But no instruction manual or warranty card? I just want to verify if this is a 48v model & was reconfigured for only 120 volts before I hook it up? & where do I pull the full 120 from.... the L1 N L2 & combine L1 & L2 or the L1L & L2N & is there a manual I can download?
  8. Sid, I've just about had it with the delay getting my inverter out, I msg'd Sean yesterday for a status with no reply thru today. You said it should have gone out last week. If that frickin' thing isn't on it's way by the end of the week, I'm cancelling the order & shopping elsewhere & this experience will get posted on youtube. What's it gonna be?
  9. All that technical data is over my head but it says on the label, reverse feedable which I'd assume means it's bi-directional? Another thing that concerned me was the terminals size, about 1/4 to 5/16's studs. That seems rather wimpy for handling a 250 amp load. I'm kinda wondering what all the hoopla is about using breakers anyways. All the electronics have their own built in protection so the only hazard I can see is if the battery cables ever get shorted out & that's something that would rarely happen on it's own using proper wiring size & more than likely only happen while you were wiring them & crossed some wires & in the event of a battery going into a fatal thermal overload, a breaker would be worthless anyways. Just my opinion it's over paranoia for a rare risk.
  10. Here's the label & schematic how it was wired.
  11. I have 10 24v strings, none of them with their own fuses or breakers & they all feed into a 2/0 cable that comes into that 250 breaker, the battery & charger wires are joined on 1 side of the breaker & the other side goes to 2 4000 watt inverters but it tripped on a combined load of 145 amps so I don't get it what's going on. here's a view of it.
  12. I'm miffed.... My new 250 amp breaker tripped @ 145 amps 24v, inverter output @ 3.5kw @ 120v. This is the 2nd breaker that's tripped under it's rating. This breaker is rated for 80 volts so I'm wondering if the amp capacity diminishes when used on lower voltage or should it be constant? Wasted near $100 on these. I've had it screwing with breakers, It's getting straight wired for good!
  13. Yeah, I double checked it but I'm on 24v right now til your inverter gets here, then it'll be 48v but still it doesn't add up it tripping on that kinda load but a new 250 amp breaker is on the way, will see how that does. Gotta 170 amp cheap if anyone needs 1.
  14. This is strange, at 1st I ran the chargers on 1 side & the battery, inverter on the other side & when the chargers were putting out near 200 amps it would trip. That's what I'd expect to see, so to keep that from happening, I switched the battery cable directly to the the charger output side of the breaker so that only the inverters were drawing on the breaker & it tripped when the inverters 120v output was doing 2.5kw. That doesn't figure right & both legs were combined. I don't know what to make of that.
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