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  1. About the balancers I don't see any at the store listing?
  2. Yes that's fine but I have a regular a/c house.would have been nice if he had just changed these like we talked about and I don't have a veriac?can you find out how it's wired (input output fans)to be sure I don't know if he even tried it out on a bench test or inspected it surely he did.is it terribly hard to ?when we talked about it naturally he said it's easier for them to run on 48v.i will be pulling a good bit of amps a pretty good bit and don't want to work them harder than I have to it's easier to go from 48 to whatever than it is from 24v and on less amps.i think they would last longer on 48 say 4600w than 24v they may even top out acaisionaly.do you think we can do this on a video call?then theirs the fans like you said. I've got charge controllers and a start on 365w panels.may have to rethink it. 😭
  3. Hi Sid if these G6s are wired for 24v would you change them or leave them 24v?If it was yours.im trying to finish a car to sell but should start on them soon.thanks Tim
  4. Sean didn't answer back a few texts back about having balancers either I need at least 16 of them.maybe you can find out.would it be possible to send me kind of detailed schematics on rewiring the inverters or how to and not loose warranty?.more work for Sid.thanks
  5. Hi Sid so they probably didn't get wired for 48v input either like he and I agreed on not to long ago.i don't have a large 4 ton ac unit to start but I do have a reg submersabl pump and a med ac/heat window unit and a small window ac &of course washer dryer water heater fridge freezer 5ft.&sometimes 2 little portable 1500w heaters.do you think the inverters would parallel for this or will I have to rewire them for split sync.kinda getting off the wall now.their wasn't a note or anything they are probably 24v dc in.just let me know bud thanks for the response.
  6. I'm sorry but now I'm really confused. Sid-you said for me to go split sync sense the test showed a problem with serge at Sean's the slave errored out.so I messaged him for that.havent heard from him so I just messaged him on the forum.so he may have just waisted his time rewiring?I got them a couple days ago.
  7. Great I had no idea of anything that hi.ok do you need to tell Sean about the filters or do I?thanks a lot for all the info I really appreciate it.
  8. The can't save was for been having trouble saving to text.i don't have as large a/c-as Sean's.are the letters supposed to be this large when writing?don't know what the symbols at top are for.im a little under par at the meanings of a lot of texting symbols and shortcuts.finaly worked though thanks.tim
  9. Well Sid I guess I will try to get in touch with Sean and see if he will rewire the inverters for 120 split sync also can I ask him to replace the filter like he did on Blind Wolf's.im aware it will be 120v ac in charge.48v dc side what did you decide on surge if any, well pump,fair size a/c.i mean unexpected seldom possible.cant save
  10. Sid Doesn't most transfer switches stop the neutral and ground therefore using the neutral/ground at house panel?if you ran neutral/ground to house it could backfeed to utility worker's right?same with inverters? just like the house could backfeed to inverters also.
  11. Hi Sid Tim here again I was about to ask Sean to set up the inverters like you said split sync then I saw a new video Sean made and in it he mentioned of how the 6000 had usable parallel or daisy chain I'm now confused.if it works properly this is why I originally ordered them that way if one went down I would at least have one until I got the other one fixed.if in a tight this would be managable both 240v split phase.am I missing or forgotten something?I will go with whichever one you think is best just kind of got mixed up couple days ago after watching last video.but I would like to fix the filter like blind wolf's just in case.after all these years we have a variety of electronics in the house.i will pay of course if nessasary.question did all hall sensors get corrected to the right side?please don't think I'm being smart.but read in one of your posts.one more question please on my generator regular fully grounded type no information in manual should I keep the neutral and ground disconnected.on generator from the house in case of using during power outage to keep from back feeding to power company working on the main lines ?I know this is long just trying to get everything together.thanks Tim
  12. Yes Sid I had a laps in time to get back to you if needed look back but we discussed you rather a couple weeks ago to st up split sync remember about safety of sub panel or plug ins etc.i prepaid 2 6000 gs still at Sean's.we discussed versitle set up off grid type w generator-pv etc.i know you talk to many.my mechanical wife tore her rotator cup I was also in hospital sometimes can't get rite back.it will be 48v240v out 120in charge you said rewire I ordered for parallel but so far hasn't worked out.for the daly I don't need it it's never been used just maybe thought someone may be looking for a deal.the inverters will be either A or B boards is why I was curious about the rev c board.thought it would be more versatile for more charging voltages.trying to set up in case of unforseen circumstances safely.also after seeing blind wolfs washing machine we also unfortunately have a newer computerised one my wife hates.didnt know if you would have an extra rev c board soon.thats why I've kept waiting this long for tweaks and minor fixes.also if you're interested I have couple battery manufacturers one in which I bought some from its not a page but company.salesperson name phone I believe email info-for me to buy and or sale they make all kinds of cells and batterys to your specs .im aware of your balancers but haven't really gone over them.thats why I said I would just as soon have yours built for our type batterys.got to go for now whew no Dr for couple days.thanks Tim.
  13. Ok are you talking reduced AC input for charging like 120v if so that's no problem it's preferred.not sure I understand about shipping I haven't got them yet was originally waiting for tweaking on parallel set up everything is still at setup mode.also I will be using breakers or fusses and probably your balancers saw some on eBay circuit board with capacitors each cell 5 or 10 a. wired but active.but you designed them I'm sure to work for systems like ours versitle.and long life.probably shut off at certain voltage. Have a daly 16s 200a never used I could get rid of if anyone needs one.havent looked up the specks on your balancers yet.are you familiar with blue sea breakers they(read ) to be ok.im thinking about them I get tired of looking at specks on breakers all over.maybe them or just fuses if the system is right you shouldn't have to replace them very often not to have to spend more money of course breakers are 1 time if correct.back to the inverters you probably won't have any extra rev.c boards coming in the 1st batch will you?that info.will let me know what to go ahead and tell Sean what to do. auto detect on AC in can be very useful.also breaking circuit on line 2 is safer if mistake is made when teaching family.i won't be here one day.my daughter's the easiest she followed me a lot growing up.&pays attention.sorry that's more than enough.long winded thank you Sid .
  14. I forgot I know there probably best of course breakers or fusses but wanted to ask do you use a bms I have one but it's only 2ooa thanks again.
  15. Sorry I've been busy med and especially my wife now it's Dr.dr.dr do you think that they will work better this way?I must have missed something did you all try dif circuits or just the a/c to have an idea of at what current it would go to before slave error out?you know the inverters better than I do.wander what Sean would charge me to re wire them?any chance of them having warranty if he wires them?I've been up all night this may have sounded strange sorry I need to get a few hours sleep&take my wife to phy.thearipy later thanks sid.
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