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  1. if I knew how much a pain 24v would be to deal with for the amount of power I need it wouldn't be a issue, I would have went with either 36 or 48v. and not able to see to change the wireing inside the GS plus I don't want to void my warrenty to change it. After just thinking about it, I think I cam up with a better way to solve the high voltage issue, is by s;itting the battery banks each set of banks can handle 4400 amps each, so each inverter would get its own set of batts, what I need to do is get a DC to DC 24v to keep them balance, so if one bank gets power it can charge the other at the same level and back and forth. I think I would need a non isulated dc to dc, or two islated dc to dc. I got a set of presmatic cells that can outpuut 500 amps, I've tooken one of the cells and had a bolt wleded onto the outlets with a 3/8 stainless bolt, if I get the others done that way the other 7 cells, I can usethem as a buffer to the gs inverters. wish I got more of them when was lucky to get 8 of them at the time. I almost got the 4 blaancer done and going to use them on just four of them then get another set of blanacers so i can have all 8 with its own balancer before I remove the bms and just rely on the cut off of the gs and the max dc charge of the solar charger as a bms, and the balncers to keep the volatge of each cell balance.. From what Sid said he is basicly doing on his system.
  2. Ouch. see the copper bar I made was at least a 1/2 thick and it didin't cost that much. But it was three bars put together to make it that thick.. and no I can't go to 48 or 60v, already got the two gs inverters. Might get a 48v 12k inverter though. . . just waiting on that one. . .
  3. yes, but most cc are AC chargers right? so it wouldn't work for dc to dc. unless I take 3k inverts that are 12vdc and run 24v chasrgers to the lead batts to keep them top off. I mean I got plenty of 12vdc inverts that are pure sign, I would just need to buy a 24vdc charger or I could just use 12v chargers on each lead batt to save money as 24vdc chargers are stupidly priced. though the conversion ratio would suck doing that though, from dc to ac, then back to dc seems it would be bad. Oh well. Yeah the wire issue, lets see, I'm soldering 4 to 5 12 awg wires between each battery cell packs then one balance wire per cell pack for the stupid bms, then the neg and postive wires going to the lug nearly 28 wires per 12v battery and then 10 12v built, that not includeing the presmatic batts I got and the Ion batts either. Then the wires going between each bank and serie lugs. See what I'm gtetting out, too many wires and all it takes is one wire or conection to go bad, and either you got a fire, or something worse. I am trying to figure out how to stream line the setup, I want to go Sid way, but that still leaves issue with so many wires and adding balancers I would need over 50 of them to even make a dent into redoing the system. I don't have the money like I did, and until I know something going to work for sure, I've not had the system going for a bit, It was fun for a bit, until I nearly had batteries started over heating and among other things going on, that I stop, cause I wasn't getting any where with what I have, I got enough power to run the setup, it just getting it configured to be stable and less wireing to keep it safe. I've though about running each battery bank to a bus bar, but there are no bus bar big enough to handle 600 amps at 24v, and I would need one that can handle that, That would elemate some wires, instead of having wires ging to battery bank to battery bank, and then branching off to a small bus bar to the inverters. If I knew what type of metal I could use for a bus bar that can handle it, I would go grab it at the local hardware store, drill all the holes for 3/8 bolts and go with that, I've already melted a three layer copper bar bus bar i made from too much power.
  4. the GS inverters would be running off the AGM batts, instead of the lythium, the lythuim would be keeping the AGM batts charged up since AGM batts I have can handle the amps output and not freaking over heat like the stupid lythuims with all the hundread wires to make it work lol.
  5. I ment, I was looking for a 24v/ 24v dc to dc for the batts, to take from the ly4p 24v system and keep the 24v AGM batts topped off, but not be used to pull from them during the inverter being used, just charging only dc to dc isulation.
  6. Okay, I want to use my AGM battts for the inverters, since they can handle the high loads better then my blasted lithuim batts. Is there a way to convert a gs inverters from sawn to take the 14.4 system to charge the agm 12.8 or what ever the float level of the agm is? I got over 200 ah of agm, and a ton of the other, just the many wires and bms and balancing is being too much to fool with, and if I can just use the Lyth to keep the agm charged and not provide the amps to run the system I think it would solve my issues. other wise I would have to redesign all the batts, and I'm not up to the task for it. I've consider on takeing all the same batts, brand and all and just make one big are 24v bank, instead of having 10 12 v batts combine and then go to a bus bar. I'm not sure if a 700 ah 24v single batter would be able to handle 600 amps output on its own or not. other wise I'm going to have to buy a bunch of Sids balancers and if they was already built with heat sink and wires I would gladly pay a little extra to get them so it can be a drop in.
  7. Uhm dang waterman, might want to consider, enclosing those inverters in a grow tent with several dehumidity in it to keep the humidit ydown.
  8. I need to get back on fixing the batteries, just I'm out of gas on fooling with it, since was having so much issue, it kind of zap the fun out of it. I don't know which way to go, or what to do with what I got, and buing already built batteries is out of the question. I'm tmepted to run one gs on the 6 lead batts I have and then run the other off what I can geather up that works for the time being just to get it back up and running with little to no issue. I was going to try to do the blancers, but can't find the silicon insulators that I bought, so going to have to reorder those unless I can just use them without one since its going to be one blanacer per heat sink any how. the only prob of spliting the battery bank is if one side goes down, like the slave, then the master would be having to handle the load and probley would trip if I'm pulling too much power. So, right now, I don't know. *throwing hands up the air* RIght now I'm running with my head chopped off, getting thing sin order, dealing with my health, and everything else that could go on. . . I was jumping on here to get Sid addy, so going to send that remote. I'm off, and I'm crazy. . . *Laughs*
  9. You know, you just probley explain why my master GS is being called sparky right now. Sid, would being that I'm trying to charge my batts from grid, and the master gs is tied into my breaker box with nutrual being open cause a looping effect which causes a spark and trips the breaker? cause when I used to charge the batts, this was before I had the two GS Tied into the breaker.
  10. wish mine had double filter then. will know more after I solder on these balancers and get them on heat sinks, so I can remove one BMS on the system.going to have to order more balancers if I going to get rid of these bms. Sid do you have a bunch of cells for one big battery, or more then one bank? I got to take two of my big ev batts and get bolts welded to the ends so I can attach cables to them, if they can weld onto the ends, then I might take all the others and have them do the same, since these ev batt cells are able to push out 500a, so I can put my big 0/2 wires on it if they can weld the 3/8 bolts on the ends. Going to wait till Monday and send that remote to you as well, was waiting till you got back home from Sean. Also I sitll can't charge my batt without it sparking a storm on the master.
  11. Yeah cause the 240v and 120v transfer switchs I have, the L1 and L2 are the only ones that are wired into the switch part, the nutral and ground goes to the side bar if it has one, my 240v does not, just l1 and l2 input that is it, so that means you have to ground the n and ground at the box it self, or just bundel it up and wing nut it, but not the best thing to do lol.
  12. huh? wait, I thought that each of my 6K was setup to output 50A each? You got me confused lol.
  13. huh? Sid you saying you don't use a bms for you battery pack? I guess with the gs relay tings that would keep the battery from going over the voltage, as long as it don't fail. If I didn't have to use stupid bms on my batteries that would save me the head ache of all the problems I'm dealing with. I got one BMS saying it see one cell at 5.65V when its balance with all the others at 3.38 or what ever the charge is at the time.
  14. Looks like I might need to send both of my inverters in then. cause if I can have the main grid from outside com in to the inverters, to run the house while charging the batteries at night if they get low then that be a win, win for me. I'm about to go back live, just splitting up the inverters on their own battery banks, each with 400amp draw, instead of one big bank, cause I would need bigger wires then what I got or double up with and I'm limited on how many lugs I can put on the bolts.
  15. Will see about updateing my units. Sorry I've been MIA. Been dealing with my health and change of diet and among other things. Fixing to crack down on my setup once again. Sid I got the remote for the generator, found the one I had laying around, will send it off to you next week so you can get that done for me.
  16. Mine runs 68 to 75 if on full load. thats with two GS inverts. Currently they are down, but things are getting back on track. Adding more batts and solar and among other thi ngs. Had to run and find my self since my health was more important then power :P.
  17. Nope we never set the slave, it wouldn't have matter if the master had it setting still, it would have shut the slave off. Oh well, will get with you sometimes soon, not in a rush at the moment, got other things on my plate. I did fix the wire heating issue though. got rid of any small wire deal.
  18. I did the same to my GS inverters this weekend, ran the batteries to zero, guess what, they didn't shut down till after the batteries were dead as a door. I'm guessing my master battery settings got reset and just love sucking all that power out of those batts. 😛
  19. Yeah guess I need to order it yet again, or see if they going to send the blasted thing. or find my other ones.
  20. I got my balancers today, and no plug 😛 sean keeps forgeting. guess I should have said something about that when you was there. *sigh*.
  21. Yep Sid is the Bomb, he needs to work with tesla next lol. I'm holding back on bugging him right now on fixing my issue, had another over chargeing going on and with no le ion. so removeing the blue right now and replacing it with the one that is wifi so I can keep my batts where I want them I know it works with no issue. I just unplug the solar from the other blue and kept cycling the gs until it got low enou gh to kick on and turn the shop vac on. geesh. I should have went all built batteries instead of building my own, though really I save more doing it the way I went, just more of a head ache getting it all stable under a full load.
  22. *laughs* last time I had somebody try to program a solar charger, they justr didn't understand what to do. lol.
  23. That almost sounds like whats going on with my master, hmmmm. cause even witht he gs off it still does the same thing, do I just remove the N from input and leave the l1 maybe?
  24. well, then I can use the bp to cut off if the voltage gets higher then I like, will do that. I've siwtching everything to those mega vuse, but thats not going to stop the over chargeing. nah, I don't put the bp in line to the inverter, its a BP not a power giver lol. cause 100a it would trip just turning on the gs inverter lol.
  25. Also I'm really, really considering on moveing the batts outside in a shed, keep the inverter where it is but move the batts on the outside in some kind of shed against the house where the power room is. soon as I find a job where I can afford to buy a shed.
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