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  1. So you saying not try it if the load isn't higher then the grid tie? cause the most my gs are running on idle is 300 watts at any given time sometimes less. if I'm running the whole house one basicly runs all 120v and the other runs the kitchen and utility room, I think from what I'm seeing is that the slave runs one side of the house and the other runs the other side. The one that will get used the hardest will be the slave, and luckly I have the lythuim batts running on it. I'm in the proccess of getting hob and going to be moveing, keeping the house, and will buy more lythuim batts and keep the house running directly off of solar soon while I'm at my new place. I might end up switching to 48v down the road as well once I get my new hob and get a 12k gs inverter. I'm only getting 2.5k on the master with the deep cycle right now and I'm useing every bit of it every day with running my ice maker dish washer and frig. more if I'm washing dishes and doing that during the day to use any power up before the bank fully recharges.
  2. I have a 500 watt 120v grid tie I can put on a gs, since I don't use no more then 300 watt, I can give it a shot and see what happesn disabling the solar charger. I guess the only way I know if its chargering is if the battery level goes up or will it show that its getting charge on the chargeing status?. I'll run a test tomorrow,.
  3. I was wondering, I've seen it done before, and didn't know if it would work on the GS inverter. I've seenw here folks take a grid tie inverter, 120v and even a 240v and attached it to the same output as the inverter, and then have the grid tie actually charge the battery while powering everythign else. Has this been tried on the gS inverter? I have several grid ties, but not tried it, and was checking to see if it can be done.
  4. Well, even when I was useing the lf4 batts the washer did the same thing even when the voltage didn't drop. But that is not what I was talking about on this topic anyhow.
  5. Okay, after getting back into the swing of things, with my lf04 batts, I've ran into a issue that must have happen when my whole system decided to over amp it self. I have one diy batt that has a bms that will not turn off, or on and even if you unplug the balance wires from it, it still allows power through, so I'm guessing the eletrical is shot, probley the relay is welded close. and it showing that the battery is nearly dead, the info will not update on the bluetooth. Then I got another diy batt that will not accept charge, and shows a different power output then what the battery is saying also the first battery is doing that same it showing on the screen its got 13.12v but testing the batt shows a 12.9. So looks like I'm going to have to buy two new bms to replace these. I got fuses now to protect each batt from over surge, but I reather go with breaker, and the one on amazon that are rated 120a seems to be a knock off even the busman seems to have bad reveiws. Any suggestion on a resetble breaker that don't cost a arm and leg, cause I'll need to get roughly 8 of them. I'm really considering on doing a hybrid setup, I'm seeing a new thing or some what old school of useing lythuim to keep a set of agm batts topped off useing a higher voltage to a solar charger to charge the lower voltage.
  6. Hmm. I wonder, I thought I order more then one cap. Let me look around, cause I never put a cap on the slave. the master has one but not the slave. with my whole house going except for the 240v loads I was pulling 180w on master and slave.
  7. Well, I guess I will have to wear dirty cloths from now on, if I try to go off grid, or get a tub and a scrub board and do it the old fashion way. I just ran my whole house off of both gs inverters, and stillg et the same results with just the washer, and this is from the slave I think this time which has lyfo4 batts. Does exactly the same thing, fills up, then turns one time and just quits, and do nothing. So I'll have to switch over to grid to wash my cloths which is not what I want to do. and no I can not go buy a another new washer, I'm on ssdi only now and don't have that kind of money layering around. I might see if I can find a used old kind that is clutched base and swap it out, which will be kind of silly cause it will use more power then the one I got.
  8. Sid, You know my system. I just got my slave back up and was looking at the status page, and was thinking, the slave is showing it has the AC in from the master. can the slave possbly be able to charge the battery bank it is on from the master by chance? Such as if I got the master tied to the main grid it is charging it battery bank while the slave is puling power from teh master to charge it self. I would love if it could and during the day if I'm getting a full charge on the master, I would love it to send power to the slave to charge that bank to get it level up from the web page if I could click a button to enable charging mode. Si nce right now I have the Lead batts on the master and the slave is running off of lyf4 batts at the moment, its going to have the largest bank due to its the one that will be supply most of what the house runs off, the master is basicly the kitchen unit and the 240 l1 loads.
  9. Well sound slike he useing the same type of batts I used on my 24ft box truck and they are 31 group I thing they are rated over 100ah which I'm getting roughly 170ah with my setup of 24v with two set of the batts in question and a set of agm batt. Since lead only give you roughly 50% of so called rated amp hour. As long as he don't push over 300A he should be good, pulling 600a to max out that inverter with only 3 of thos batts would be a bad deal. bet the wire isn't even 0/2 or 0/3 awg cables like what I used.
  10. Yes, the big batts are rated for over 100ah, just with a lot of cranking amps, like I said used them on my 24ft box truck with a 12v system running a AC, lights and two freezers. after a good sunny day today I just got the batts charged up to 29.2 v, and its not een dropping in voltage while under a load at the moment. I also did a whole house test, to see what that master will be mainly running in the house, come to find out. it won't be running the washer, or frig, or anything in the kitchen, just the basic stuff in the bed rooms from what I could find running, so that tells me my Slave is going to be the work horse on my panel when it ocmes to runing kitchen and washer and so forth, the only time the master will be hit the hardest, is when a 240v load kick on, and the only thing I have that it uses that is my 3 ton system, water heater and dryier. since I don't use a stove any more. so once I get my lfo all arranged and setup, that should be a good thing.
  11. I have direct wire fon neg with thre 0/1 awg wire each from one 24v set, then postive I have two of the 24v set going to one 24v set batt useing same size wire, then same size wire going to a 400amp t fuse then to gs. This is all basicly direct. no switch between, then mksb charger is wired to one of the batts to charge. I check voltage o n each batt while under load and compared it to what the gs was reporting and its correct, each 12v is the same voltage as well, so no inbalance on that. I have 2 31group deep cycle agm, and 4 31group tractor batt from my big box truck which I used to use on a 12v system pulling over 400 amps under a full load.
  12. With my 12v PJ 8k it ran the washer with no issue what so ever, and with other loads, but, by it self yes it ran it no issue, even my other cheap 12v 3k inverters could run it and have no issue, and I normaly had 4 agm batts or all the lfo hooked up , didn't matter what I had it running off of, I had a switch to switch over from agm to lfo 12v banks. the washer would run fine, while the PJ inverter would be screaming from the coil. Yeah I still useing the web site you made me, it keeps refreshing on me which throws me off while trying to read somthing and have to scroll back over and over to get the info, normaly I just select all and paste the info into notepad to see what it saying at thtat moment.
  13. Hey Sawn, I Remeber a vid you did about your new place and you didn't kind of know what you could do about folks trespassing on your land. Well A you tube vid just been posted by a lawyer In MI. Just on that subject.
  14. Sounds like the state al the way west coast. . well, putting one 12v lfo with one 12v agm should make the voltage stay up higher longer then normal, though the agm would dip lower on the VDC way before the lfo would. I wished I saved up and waited till now to buy all the stuff I did, I could have got double what I got in lfo for the same price.and I should have went 48vdc, though now its too late to do so, cause I would need to buyu so many batts to even do 48v. Oh well. I'm just doom until I get another round of throw money away from the goverment again. I still got to put up my other solar array, I only get my max charge around 8-2p.m. with the current array I got, which is facing SW. Which is odd, I need to put on SE so I can I guess get the afternoon sun. *laughs* and yes I type the direction in corectly. and the time as well. not sure why my max power input is durin the morning time. figured it would be from noon to sunset.
  15. Hey Dixin isn't you in flordia? want to come up here and upgrade my gs lol. I've just noticed something, and might be the reason why my washer hates the gs inverter, though it never did on the pj though the pj was 12v and that was easier to drive then a 24v since I didn't need to double up on 12v batts. anyhow. the last few days here the sun hasn't been out its been cloudy at most and raining at worse the whole time, during this time I was cooking and running my ice maker mainly off the gs. I noticed, that my ice maker would start making all sorts of loud sounds while running and get worse and worse as the days went on. Well since 9 this morning and having a good strong sun shine and my charger pumping all that power into the agm batts and it was at 28.1 my ice maker don't even make any fuss while running. So, thats basicly telling me, that the sign wave gets really crappy at certin volts. not sure if its cause of the voltage or it having a time pulling the needed amps from the bank. if its doing this on agm, I'm guessing the gs isn't really design to run on agm batts cause there is no way unless the sun is out to keep a agm battery bank above 26v. unlike the lfo batts that can stay at 13.6 while pushing power. Might have to put at least one lfo in the agm bank just to help provide the voltage sag.. So tha talso means while trying to run 240v, with one gs being agm and the other lfo its going to be one dirty power.
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