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  1. Will just be an update. Sorta tweaking it for a fix right now...
  2. Good clue, if it's happening in a few minutes, it might well be a DNS naming issue that your router is choking on. Should be easy to fix.
  3. FWIW I realize that I used the wrong terminology...it's not DHCP name (don't think there's such a thing), but rather something like the DNS hostname. I'm aware on 1.1r3 that they likely will be identical between the 2 inverters due to a stupid bug on my end. But we'll have to see.
  4. Isn't that the greatest spot to be? Helps a lot to be out in the country, there's far less nonsense and regulations out here. We actually had to choose between replacing the power pole or disconnecting power and removing the infrastructure. We eventually chose the latter...they took it down, and that was that. Never regretted it.
  5. That's a considerably different story, that doesn't sound like inverter faults to me. However, I do confirm that your master inverter seems to be offline. Guess I'll need to look over the code again (try to make sure there aren't shared memory leaks...all the fun stuff I have to keep in mind when programming a processor that is both multicore and multithreading). Might need to make a 1.1r4 with some test patches to see if that helps.
  6. A crash is the same as a restart. If the WiFi board crashes, it is evidenced by a restart (which will briefly ramp the fans to full throttle, though it won't cause the inverter to shut down).
  7. Well, that's a bit of a clue. I am aware that due to a dumb mistake in the firmware, the DHCP device names will not be unique. Not sure if that's what's amiss or not...but I DO know that my personal house inverter went offline after 6 days, and crashed when I tried to cycle the WiFi settings. That in itself is a pretty big clue, but it could well be tied up with a DHCP failure due to a conflicting device name?? I didn't write the code, I dunno! Not using IPv6 to my knowledge anyway. I'm aware that @The Blind Wolf has pretty much all of the "home assistant" devices in his house, there might be a clue there.
  8. You'll want to use some heavy gauge clips, as the voltage drop in thin wire will greatly reduce the balance current.
  9. WiFi board has battery power and a comm cable to the control board. There are also optically and magnetically isolated voltage and amperage (respectively) feedback lines going to it. The actual AC power is completely electrically isolated from all processors, etc.
  10. Nope, they're all the same. The startup delay on the fans is literally the fans--while I haven't pinned down why, PWM fans sometimes respond instantly...and other times the exact same fan will ignore a PWM signal for several seconds. Weird. My inverter's been running ~800W all day, WiFi is working fine. Not sure what's going on.
  11. Yes. I ordered a batch of 400pcs...and we still have plenty left. That'd have to be a separate MCU that processes the resulting datastream to determine if any are active. Far easier to just use a thermal fan controller. At 24v, there should be plenty of readily available options; it's just at 48v that the pickings get a bit slim.
  12. Yeah, the fans are rated 250CFM each at full power...yes, they sound very much like a jet engine at full throttle. Perhaps a tad overkill, but (up to a point) increasing heat dissipation often will allow a higher power output from the same size unit.
  13. Doubt it. Well, if it's acting up on your system, that's a great opportunity to try a process of elimination to figure out what's going wrong. If it's really consistently acting up, I might start testing by turning the new local server off...see if that helps.
  14. Glad to hear; keep me posted. I really don't like these bugs that are somewhat random--and worse, when they only affect certain customers. That's basically the description of a developers nightmare 🤯. At least my house inverter seems to be affected, so I'm not completely unaware of the issue! I tried cycling the WiFi setting off and back on this morning on my house inverter...and the WiFi board crash-restarted. Never had that happen before (from toggling that setting anyhow!), but if I can recognize a pattern, that'd be immensely helpful. (Tried cycling the WiFi setting off/on a few minutes later, and it worked as expected.) Not sure if the newly added local server function is at fault...it shouldn't be doing anything if it's not being used. I'm aware that I made some mistakes with the mDNS / DNS namespace, which might have something to do with it??
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