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    MSB mppt test

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/372791424040 This is link to make sky blue 60amp mppt charge controller with wifi it costs a little more The one tested above costs around 120 bucks But the link is to make sky blue usa the good seller I buy from
  2. Ben

    MSB mppt test

    The make sky blue controllers are packed really good AT least the ones I have bought are I was gave a few of them by a incredible person Shipping damages is crazy now days I don't blame the employees they are probably over worked and under payed Keep in mind I I only buy from one seller on ebay Sean Buckner is the ebay seller I buy from If you have any issues he is fast to respond and more than fair I thought I might have a issue with the above controller so I texted him before hooking it up Without knowing if it was working or not he offered to replace it This kind of service is not heard of now days That's why I only buy from him Genetry solar has also been over the top good to me when I buy from them I feel when we get good service we should let others know That way the good businesses grow and the bad wither away I will try to find the link or take a pick and post it for the right Ebay seller
  3. I ordered another another msb Controller It was a little damaged so I decided to test it I hooked it up to a spare 12 volt battery Then I used my CV cc power supply on the solar panel input This way I could limit the current If broken no deafing bang or light speed shrapnel getting me in my eye balls It worked ok so far no big loads yet But I did run across something cool The controller looking for the highest voltage and amperage showed its self on the display of my power It was neat to watch it pull the voltage up and down It would try to pull more amperage voltage would go down Then it would raise the voltage until it would get the highest of both voltage and amperage So I tuck a few pics if you look closely the wattage of both matched also The pics show it going up and down finding the most watts
  4. On this site you can order one I think the specs are on here two There is lots of videos on YouTube of sean testing and running the GS 6k inverter It will do 6k as long as the temp in room is at or below 100 degrees Sean runs one that had the safety limit turned of at 8k on a video He also started a window ac when already running 4or5k I am just a customer i happen to see your question You will like the GS inverter
  5. I have a friend with a giant huge power jack inverter and he said it wouldn't start his ac I seen this pj with my own eyes it has a massive huge tranny and two mainboards It was a really nice inverter I about fell over when he told me it wouldn't start his ac There's something going on here This makes no sense to me I will try to get to the bottom of it if my friend brings his back to my house If so I will try to remember to post what was wrong with his here I know when I was testing my power jack before changing to the GS control board one bank of mosfets would be hot After changing to GS control board on the same pj main board all run cool so definitely something not exactly right with power jacks control boards I really like the GS control board it is incredibly tough Gs control board is the way to go on these big pj inverters if you ask me But before anyone goes that route better make sure there is no problems with the tranny To those that have two boards in your inverter this may not work because GS control board doesn't have two outputs I personally would go down to one mainboard and get the gs control board anyway Maybe sean or sid knows how many watts a single smaller board can do I would think it would do 8k likely more 8 k for very long would take a massive battery back It sould do as much as a long board just not as long because of less heatsink If all 20 k pj trannys are as big as the few I have saw the tranny alone would cost a person 1500 to 2000 bucks The big ss case I saw wasnt as thick or as strong as the GS case but it could be mounted to plywood to stiffen it up The case would cost a few hundred bucks also My point is don't give up quite yet maybe this will get fingered out here soon It might turn out the with just a gs upgrade kit you will have a heck of a reliable big inverter These gs control boards are no joke and no exaggeration!! If you can give it a little time I am pretty sure my buddy will bring his back up He builds Electronics I have dumb luck sometimes and I have a best in world expert phone a friend if we get stuck to bad Good chance something will get fingered out God bless all of you guys
  6. I think I have a parts scope like the one in your pic if you need probes or the hole thing there is a few different types of probes maybe filtering probes
  7. Hay Glen you are a incredible person
  8. Sorry I just seen your question I have unwound cores to make bigger cores I think the metal losses some of its temper when doing this from the bending The ones I have done seem to have higher idle current but nothing crazy I am thinking about getting rid of one I have done if so do you want first dibs I think it is around 7 in wide and 5 in tall I can check if you want me to You would have to pay shipping and let me know how well it does in a inverter shipping would be between 25 to 35 dollars I'd think of it's any more than that the wife will cover it It can collect dust on my shelf as good as yours but i would get much joy giving it to you I would want your word that you would try it out in a inverter If for some reason you couldn't you would ship it back to me or you get the info for me that I need If you don't feel comfortable giving your word I will make time to try it before I ship it to you Curiosity kills me two brain cells will never stop if I don't find out how it does Besides that I would be happy if you use it or sold it and got alot for it or just a few needed bucks Please forgive me and understand this is just curiosity not strings attached I think that the little bit higher idle when plugged in to 120 outlet will make little difference when installed in a inverter Wife and I was guessing when winding it it would do at the very least 2000watts for a 24/7 full throttle rating But we was hoping for over 3000 watt or more Of course the shorter the Full Throttle run time the higher the wattage that can be run without it getting to hot All of the hard and time-consuming work is already done on it In 15 minutes you can have the low side wound ready to use if you use a single big wire like i do and most the pros do on thebackshed.com Make sure the single big wire is easy to bend if not it will be a wrestling match even if you use a rubber mallet The wife and I wound the high side (120 volt) with a little over 2mm square not round wire Even though the wire was enameled wire we painted it with a few coats of high dollar tranny coil paint before winding it The core was epoxyed and Transformer taped before the wire was wound We was careful to make sure the wires was spaced out evenly and didn't touch as much as possible (we knew it dosen't matter if they touch) As we wound it we painted it with the same epoxy After every layer we added tranny tape and a few thick coats of epoxy We called it our forever tranny we wound it to last forever!! We wanted a completely silent tranny no vibrating that would last a few hundred years There was way to much hard work and time put into it Your buddy will tell you the same we over done to a stupid level I don't think there is enough hole left for adding another 120 volt winding and the low side winding So you will likely be stuck without 240 volts I could be wrong haven't looked at it for a year or so But as far as metal goes the lowest carbon (soft) is what to look for Cut it in strips heat treat it to glowing orange and white looking People in Pakistan's and other countries like Pakistan do it all the time If you look hard enough on YouTube you can find a few videos They mainly use them for audio amplifiers And they all say don't use a galvanized metal The translation I get from what they say is gutter metal or any other low carbon metal like what comes in sheets to fix body's of cars If you cannot find this information or videos let me know and I will try to find it again for you I have texted a few of these people from other countries and they freely share the info If you have problems I can try to find where they have answered me back before I can't remember for sure but I think you let it cool off slowly What you're trying to do is to make the metal highly magnetic but lose that magnetism as fast as possible So if you put a magnet to it you want it to stick but as soon as you remove the magnet you don't want the metal to remain magnetic They called these properties soft When heat treatment you want all of it to be even temp If you get this wrong the core will have spots that heat quicker And or low electrical resistance causing higher losses do to eddy currents You want you're core material to have as much electrical resistance as possible This can be tested with a multimeter after heat treatment When looked at under a microscope a properly heat-treated core will look like a bunch of dandruff pressed together This makes the core have a higher electrical resistance Not a single piece of metal but a bunch of teeny tiny all together very thin tape like and made up of tiny microscopic pieces makes for a voltage to flow through your core material It has to be a metal that a magnet will stick to and hard or impossible to keep magnetized The inverters mosfets flip the polarity of the battery so one low side leg will be positive going into your Transformer the other negative Then your mosfets flip the polarity the one that was positive will now be negative and negative positive This happens 60 times a second here in the United States 60 hertz So if you're core metal stayed magnetized you would be fighting against this flipping Pmw means after Mini small pulses give you all the volts needed to make the top of a sine wave then it flips polarity and gives you all volts needed to make the bottom of the sine wave These pulses for a example stay on long enough to raise the voltage to 1 volt off on 2 volts off on 3 volts and so on until all needed voltages for the top side of sine wave are done the the polarity flips and dose same for the bottom of sine wave 60 times a second When you are using a higher wattage it has higher resistance each one of these countless off and on have to stay on longer to raise the voltage crazy is it not If the plus and minus was only flipped and turned on you will have a square wave I think really thin 304 stainless steel the kind that is used 4 fancy refrigerators would work very well But it must be worked a bunch at low temperature to make it have the magnetic properties needed I have always wanted to test my idea but could be a big failure Whatever metal you use the thinner it is and more tape like in thickness the better The amount of carbon in Steel can be removed from the heat treatment so you're likely to do well with about any really thin iron sheet metal that is easy to weld and has no additives except silica I have wound many simple NOT grain orientated dirt cheap cores that do great and have low idle current I have read a few times that people in the past have used soft iron bailing wire The air gaps in between wire makes for a bigger core with no benefit Tesla didn't have special metal for his motors and transformers What a poorly written book lol Have a blessed day
  9. I am late to the OS conversation I didn't mess with computers for years because of windows nothing to do with cease and desist letter from Bill I was persuaded to give Ubuntu a try by sid It has been great not one issue absolutely perfect!!! If your sick to death of computers I highly recommend ubuntu It did take a day or two to get used to Keep in mind the last OS I used was a hacked corporate edition of XP Don't laugh I had it going on back then I was a big deal in my own mind I had a server and a few repeaters I ran wires through over and around a big apartment complex and nearby places I built the wife pc with the brand new Pentium 4 512meg of ram 256 meg Nvidia G-Force 2 and hot swappable 10k rpm scuzzy hard drives with my custom plexiglass side case with neon flashing lights to the music Mine was same but AMD Athlon 2100 I hosted big net partys playing first person shooters like unreal Tournament and Serious Sam I though I had life by the horns Bring back memories for anyone God bless
  10. I don't believe in aliens waterman my wife and son took that picture I have a lot more interesting ones than that though lots of strange stuff is seen by those that look up lol
  11. Thanks water man I was thinking the caps inside and top voltage of msb is 150 volts I will have to open one up and check components again
  12. I have 4 or 5 of those motors wrong pic sorry
  13. I recently found out could end up with a over voltage situation with my make Sky Blue charge controllers (ty sid) Even though 3 series connected panels don't go over the maximum 150 volts Solar panels and sometimes do over the maximum voltage It would be nice to have Sean Buckner to put a list of his recommendations on here input volts amps output volts amps It would also be nice to know if there was any hacks i could do to raise the input voltage If the caps was the only problem those are easy enough to up grade Even the mosfet wouldn't be to hard Has anyone tinkered with these charge controllers??
  14. Hello glen looks like some interesting stuff your up to I am from the Ripley ravenswood
  15. Wow nice bus I have a eagle with the Detroit Diesel turbocharged and supercharged Allison 6-speed automatic It is 40 foot space frame all aluminum skin and basement deck I really like what you have done with yours I know why you chose a school instead of regular motor home The wife and I was considering a school bus mci prevost or eagle for the same reasons We just happened to find a really good deal on the eagle I no the amount of work that you put into your custom coach but you now have something that will keep your family safe and last a life time It can't be compared to a regular factory motor home it is so much better in all the ways that count the most Just wanted to say you done a great looking job
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