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  1. I just thought I'd let you all know, I gave the SMA idea one more chance as I got a little help. This info is for anyone else who is foolish enough to get one. If you want to use a external charger or charge controller, the inverters battery charger function will automatically be turned off if you use a shunt (sensor wire to the inverter) and have an external power supply to the batteries. The best / most useful way of charging the batteries is with a high frequency grid tie inverter Sonny boy SB360-TL21 £350 used. This model has the communication cards to talk to the sunny island £2400. You can use the earlier (not so good) SB360-TL20 but you have to add the speedwire card which is around £100. If using lifepo4 batteries, apparently the Sunny island's lead acid setting is the one to use as long as the bms cooperates with the inverter. The low frequency sunny island will charge almost any battery you choose, but, and it is a big but, the only BMS that works is REC, Batrium, or Seplos. £250 to £500 each; that's a hell of a lot of cash if you have 16 batteries, and it means you can't buy a ready made off the shelf battery type, as you'd have to break them open to change the bms. Try explaining that one to the insurance company if you have a fire. You will also need a Sunny manager at £600 installed between the fuse box / consumer unit and the electric meter to communicate with the two inverters for charging and exporting to the grid, or not. As if the massive outlay on bms and batteries isn't enough, the biggest problem is this inverter will not work in a power cut! You can install the system in the off grid way, that way in a power cut the batteries will work, but the grid tie inverter will not charge the batteries in a power cut. On top of that you will now need to put together some very expensive, cleaver and complicated wiring, electronic switching and trips. Don't bother asking SMA for help, they don't help in the slightest. Basically the whole thing is very expensive nightmare; it promises you everything and gives nothing but a breakdown. Thank you guys, do your self a favor, steer clear of SMA.
  2. Thank you all for your help and advice, I pretty much know what I'm doing now. Thank you Sid, please feel free to delete entries that you deem detrimental to your business; I know I have hijacked it a little talking about inverters other than Upower 🙂
  3. Thank you for the info. I had thought I'd go for a meaty amount of kw to make sure it's got some reserve. The model number of the washing machine is: DXOA 67LW3/1-80 TYPE FCEZ IPX4 As luck would have it, I can replace my 1.2kw panels with 3.2kw of half cell panels, using every inch of space on the garage roof 🙂 I love the idea of this all singing all dancing inverter, grid tie, battery and mains mix, it has it's own charge controller / mains charger, which means I can spend more on the batteries. I now realize, 3.2kw south grid tie will make a massive difference, and now I have to find out how to get around 2kw east and south facing arrays to feed the new inverter. I've got to get it all done by April when the energy prices go up by 54% . Fat chance of that happening as I haven't ordered the batteries yet. Ho hum I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel 🙂
  4. Well here's a funny thing; it turns out that my Samil Solar River grid tie inverter that I have used for 3 or 4 years, is high frequency. I don't think there was any damage to the inverter or white goods, but how would I know? Thank you for your offer of help, I'll take you up on that. 🙂 Washing machine: Hoover Dynamic Next 7kg 1600rpm Dish washer: Bush BFSNB12W Tumble dryer: Indesit is41v If I can use high frequency I would be over the moon. SMA are really is doing my head in. I was given a link by sma to register for an account, so I can use their help forums etc. After giving a load of information about my self, they say the website is no longer in use. I have no idea about the software, where to get it, or if it's a internet server run software (no net , no software use). If I got the software could I turn the battery charger off, or "user charger option" I really don't think it's possible. So now I'm pinning my hopes on a high frequency all singing all dancing inverter, grid tie / off grid / lifepo4 mix anyway we want. I was thinking Epever, I know back to China. 🙂
  5. 1650 x 2 =3300 hummm. If I had know it was only a 3.3 I wouldn't have bought it. There was a second hand 8kw version that sold on ebay.uk for less than I bought this for. Damn.
  6. It wasn't until I saw the label that it was only a 3.3 and not a 4.4, that's just it's model number. Doh.
  7. It's all out of the box now, and all of the instruction manuals are in German LOL! Not a word in English. I downloaded the pdf manual before buying it, and I knew it didn't immediately support lifepo4. There are software updates but not of any use. They ignore almost all emails. Here's some pics of the beast. Sorry if I'm hijacking your forum a bit here 🙂
  8. I had the idea that it was translated in to English from German from Chinese. Really it has that feel. Yes we have Google uk, I think I'll use their translator on this manual 🙂
  9. Well I got the beast, I just have to unbox it. This thing is so damn complex, the instruction manual is very hard to understand; translated in to English, badly. Constant repetition about 3 phase and linking inverters. The bad part is the inverter doesn't use lifepo4 batteries, so I will have to use an external charger and mppt controller. But how do I turn the inverters charger off? No one's letting on. SMA do not reply, once they just sent a link to the manual that I have already quoted from. This might prove to be a expensive mistake.
  10. Lifepo4, but I have 4 lead acid, brand new 2 years ago, unused in my garage and kept uncharged until a month ago, now on 5amp panel 10amp mppt. Woooops. 🙂 I bought them before I knew what I was doing. The voltage was above 12volts so all was well right, lol. Of course they have sulfated by now. I don't know what I'll use them for, they can't be good for much.
  11. Yup that's what I'm going to have to do until I get enough batteries, and solar panels. If I can get enough to do the job, as I am very restricted for space : 6 panels on a garage roof and five on the back of my house 90 degrees for the morning summer sun (not even 4kw on the best day). Why did I buy this place, really what on earth was I thinking 🙂
  12. In time maybe 100% off grid, for now make do with what I can get away with spending, and cutting corners and looking out for bargains. I'm going to have to buy less batteries than the 45kwh for now, and I'm going to try and make a wind turbine or two. Ya never know they may actually work. Hydro, ooh nice. I'd like that. Live in an old mill next to a river and export to the grid. I've seen a New Zealand guy on youtube live off grid, running water through an old washing machine. Very cool.
  13. I think you have the wrong end of the stick old chap 🙂 I was being a tight arse, trying to get all that power in to an even amount of batteries, as 7 batteries had what I thought was the correct power. I didn't want to buy 8 if I could get the required power by getting a different amp / watt/ volt batteries. Tight ass lol. It turns out Sid has pointed out that of course, I need my daily power requirement times three, for bad weather days. In England that is more often than not. So I have to find some real big battery bargain to stop my wife cutting my lunch off in my sleep. 🙂 Anyone
  14. Have I got the right idea regarding battery sizing? Our daily power use is 14.5kwh so round that up to 15kwh? 7 Batteries x 200Ah = 1400Ah x 12volts=16,800 watt hours. But I can't use that as I have a 48volt system, so I have to go for another battery, right? 8 Batteries x 200Ah = 1600Ah x 12volts=19,200 watt hours. No matter how I figure it out, larger or smaller volt or amp batteries, 15kwh is an odd number and I end up having to add a battery. Am I right or have I goofed up somewhere?
  15. Two. 🙂 I got it at a very good price indeed. Oh the garage, I'm bricking up behind the door lol.
  16. Well ASL4 is a good point I suppose, but it all smacks of "Electronics club", nerds arsing around with "Hobby Electrics" 🙂 To a point that is me, but there is serious **** going down in the world. Like our monetary system going down the tubes. Try getting spare parts in a Veimar republic type economy..... I need something reliable. To be honest, after reading everything, I have lost confidence. Not just in this brand but things from China in general. The other day I bought an MPPT charge controller that turned out to be PWM, and the photo shows 48V but it was only 24v. Guitar pickups that are no where near the stated ohms, bridges that are unusable etc etc. I have kind of made my mind up and getting an SMA Sunny Island SI4.4M-11 Inverter Charger 48V. It's only 4.4kw but it will give me genuine 4.4 for 30mins. It charges batteries (I don't know if it does LiFePo4 though), switches to the mains when batteries are low etc. Oh, almost forgot it has transformers so it looks like it may be Low Frequency, and it is a sealed unit so no damp air getting in. And the best thing is, it's not Chinese, it's made in Germany.
  17. I had my grid tie panels up for over three years un fused 😱 , when I decided to fit one, it melted the fuse holder. I'm now fitting an industrial fused switch box. BoM?
  18. Black caps dodgy, brown good? I'll take another gander at the photos. Did you notice the missing capacitor second from last photo? Is this normal? I'm dying to know, what are your fuses 25 or 30amp?
  19. I did look on ebay at an auction for 4 big yellow Sonny boy inverters, each 5kw continuous but I think they went for £3500 and about 200+ miles away. What really stopped me was Sonny boy do not answer any emails. Totally unhelpful. Funny that grid tie inverters have moved away from transformers, to transistors.
  20. So is rev 11.1 a step forward or back? So it works well at 4kw for some time?
  21. It was the high amps that led me to the 48volt U_Power, and putting away the 24volt 3kw Power star. I traveled 200 miles to get the power star, which was £500 new, £300 unused second hand, but I forgot the petrol, £80. And now don't even use it 🙂 Thank you for the ebay link, I bought mine £600 from the same seller (David). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373439123711?hash=item56f2b4d0ff:g:6KwAAOSwnidgDmtC I have a feeling that our two inverters are the same although mine is 48volt. The fuse is a 25amp in mine (25x240=6000kw), what have you got in yours? I bet it's the same. 3.5kw is what you get, that's better than the 3kw that I suspected, but still not the 4.5kw that I measured with every kitchen appliance on. I know, put one on at a time, but mistakes are made. So, not having used an inverter before, what happens when we ask too much from them? Over heat and turn off?
  22. Self consumes 100 to 150watts? But what are my options, use an unreliable 3kw that over heats? I'd be waiting for it to permanently die. I have a 3kw Power star but I didn't want to use it as it's only 24volts; but thinking about it, maybe the self consume will be less than it's bigger brother? Just a thought 🙂 Yes, I'm from Devon in England.
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