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  1. I have a quick update on my new GS system. I have completed the transfer switch and wiring to the Generac breaker panel, and powered the GS with the tesla battery bank for about 6 hours carrying about 1/3 of our farmhouse electric load. It ran perfectly and ranged from 500 watts to 2500 watts over that period. I have also added an extra load center which I will switch the remaining 1/3 of house outlets to the Generac Panel as well. I will be making just a couple of changes for the moment, and will run the GS for an extended time and at higher loads, but my wife is changing my project "list" to helping install 1500 feet of fencing, and so my solar panel installation is being put off for probably 3 to 4 months, so my real running of the total system is now a ways off. Hopefully it can happen sooner, I will post as soon as there is something to share. Thanks. Jim
  2. I have 4 of the tesla batteries, 2 + 2, 2 sets of series wired batteries which are at 48v, and since the tesla batteries run at a lower than normal setting than other 48 volt batteries, Sid explained how the GS would actually power a 36v inverter much more efficiently. My batteries are set to a high cutoff of 48.0v, and a low cutoff of 40.0v. Any other 36v inverter is not built tough enough to handle this, but the GS 6000 is. Thanks Sean and Sid!!! With your system Wolf, and your 2 tesla batteries, you could also wire them in series for 48v and power the 36v GS as well. I have been having problems accessing the forum, so I have not been able to keep up. I believe I was asked a question awhile back about balancing my tesla batteries. Because I have 4 of them that came from the same low mileage car, they are perfectly balanced here at the beginning of my system. I have been told that with tesla batteries on a solar system, the discharge rate is much much lower than their design, and the charging rate on a solar system is much much lower also. At these lower rates, and with a total of slightly over 20 Kw of storage capacity, these batteries are supposedly self balancing in a system like this. When I get online powering the generac breaker panel from the GS and cycling the batteries, if balancing becomes a problem, I will then be looking to Sean and Sid to configure Sid,s new balancers to my system. In the near future I will be ordering a second 36v GS that will power all the big appliance demands that remain on the main breaker box, and will disconnect from the utility completely. And then to please my wife, who is presently "wrapping" many backup electrical devices in special "faraday cage" fabric, we will get a 3rd GS to be in storage for the apocolyptic EMP which may be coming our way. 🙂 We have to be ready... you know.....thanks everyone! Jim
  3. Hi Everyone.... This is Jim from Durand Michigan. My GS 6000 36v arrived several days ago, and with help from Sean in changing some settings for my Tesla battery bank, it is up and running beautifully. I had just completed my rack system for the tesla batteries, so I was ready for the inverter and a first test. In a couple of days I will have completed the addition of a transfer switch panel, and will be tied into my Generac Gen panel and the GS inverter will be taking over running all of those circuits first. As soon as I am connected I will let everyone know how its first bigger load works. I have 12 new Renogy 320 watt solar panels which are next on the list for installing. As I get further along, I will see about posting some pictures and the details of my system. Thanks Sean and Sid for making this happen!!! Jim
  4. Thanks Sid.....my tesla batteries are indeed 6S and so I do want to take your advice and use the 36 volt GS inverter. I am planning on limiting my batteries to somewhere around 40 volts on the low side, and 48 volts on the high side. To drain these batteries below 38 volts in series will destroy them and they will not charge again, and on the high side, if overcharged above 50.2 these can (or will) burst into flames and because of the chemistry, the fire cannot be put our easily. I am going to wire in extra voltage shutoffs for the low and high ends for these reasons. Thanks..... Jim
  5. Hello Everyone!!! Isn't this forum idea really great or what? I am Jim, and I am converting my homestead here in Michigan (just 30 minutes from Lansing where Sean "was" located), to a nearly 100 % off grid system this year. I am working on the battery part now, using 4 of the Tesla model "s" batteries, 5.2 kw each giving me over 20 kw total storage. I have ordered my GS 6000 inverter and I am on "the list" just not sure where. :-) After Sid responded to one of my messages on youtube (the recent GS update one), He explained why it would be best with these batteries to use a 36 volt GS inverter with my batteries in series for 48 volt because of their "unique" characteristics. I changed my order from the 24 volt to the 36 volt GS 6000, and although that change has not been confirmed yet, I am hopeful. I look forward to learning much from all of you as I build my system. Blessings everyone!!
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