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  1. I wanted to chime in here. MSB does in fact make a Wind Turbine charger. Buckner has one or two of these but from what I can tell they are not all that great.
  2. As the title says we are looking at cost cutting measures that do not directly impact our inverters. Over the past year we have spent more money developing our product than we have made and if we wish to continue to operate we will need to cut where we can till our product development is complete and we are able to keep sales at a regular pace. This forum costs us about 50 dollars per month to operate and while that may seem small to many, it does add up over time. We just paid for October so if the forums do close it will not be till November. We are open to ideas on how we can keep this forum open and running. Thank you
  3. For those interested. We have 60 GS 6KW inverters in production currently. The only updates to the units are new ground terminals on the mainboards, otherwise they are identical to our gen 2 GS6 inverters that are already out in the wild. We anticipate a September arrival, but that date is subject to change. Costs of shipping, materials, inflation, etc , is having an effect on our selling price. So prices may increase over the coming months. Ordering a unit will lock you into that price and I always offer discounts to those who have purchased in the past. Stay to this topic for up to date info.
  4. Attached is our Genetry Solar 3000 watt and 6000 watt user's manual. It is very detailed and will be a great guide if you are looking to get the most out of your inverter. We will keep this updated as new features are added. Sid put in alot of work to make this happen. NOTE : Remote control feature will be available in the next update (1.1r4). 3K,6K Inverter Manual 1.1r4.pdf
  5. Doing more testing over thr weekend and it's working great. Added another video.
  6. we are aware of this. its happened to me. I might invest in a tool to round the corners. The thing is its not but a few that actually have this problem. I have handled nearly 50, with everyone of them open and I can recall only two that had some sharpness.
  7. This thread will house all the info regarding our parallel mode. This mode allows you to string together multiple inverters to share the same load. The pros currently being that you can effectively double or triple the output or more depending on how many you string together. We have yet to determine factors like efficiency or surge capabilities in this mode as it is still being tested and tweaked for optimal performance. 'Split Sync' would be the preferred method with running no more than 2 inverters. This thread will be updated as more info comes along such as testing results and how to hook up. Those of you waiting on your daisy inverters should see them popping in the mail soon here.
  8. If you are able to get help and calibrate it back up again. I mean I can't imagine what would cause it. I was hammering on it fairly hard for 2 days with those heating elements to get video footage and it never went out of whack.
  9. been running loads of laundry on my GS6 most the day with no issues, not saying your washer is the fault but so far its working great for me, im sure its something small that sid can fix over the air
  10. Ok I am jumping in here after reading through the threads. First, this is the first major shipping issue we have seen. I am wondering how you know it was dropped and if you have some sort of proof I can make a complaint especially considering that the unit may in fact fail before 1 year and I can hold them liable for that. Second, I hate to say it but you are also a good drop tester. Considering how hard it was dropped and its still running fine is a testament to Sid's design (tiny bit of me too). The extra thick case, the transformer bracket, small board with brass risers, etc. We built it to be able to handle the worst in shipping thanks to my experience with power jack and their shipping nightmares that come across my bench almost every day. Third, yes I did forget the balancers. That's my fault. I will get this fixed up and sent out in the morning. Forth, I am happy to not see your name in my Pending orders anymore and I hope you continue to share your experience with us. Fifth, Those fans are custom and I am sending you replacements of our own design when they come in here that you can keep in case those fans you have fail. The fans in that unit are fast but have a narrower voltage range than our 48V custom fans do so I will send off a custom 24v set with our larger voltage range when they come in. They are not our in house design. While they will certainly work great for a long time we expect 10 year use from our custom fans and you should not be short changed because we could not get enough of our custom 24v fans in. Enjoy! and keep sending us pictures and load pictures and screen lcd pictures. common!
  11. The stickers were for you only basically to help your electrician hook it up. I used some old power jack stickers I had laying around to label everything for you. I did not have a big letter S in the sticker pack. For everyone else they will need to read the manual since I don't want to put stickers all over our inverters and turn them into power jack. E to me is like Equipment.
  12. Sorry I put the sticker in the wrong spot and neither Sid nor I noticed till this post. It is correct on the video though.
  13. This thread is for all the details of our new 'Split Sync' mode that we offer on all our GS inverters. This topic will be updated by myself and Sid with all relevant info pertaining this new mode. In basic terms, the Split Sync mode allows you to run 2 inverters together that will share the load of a 240V service panel. It is similar to daisy chain but is a preferred method when running just 2 inverters. It allows you to double your surge and load capabilities assuming you have a well balanced service panel. Each inverter acts like a Single L coming into the panel and they operate 180 degrees out of phase from each other. There is a downside to this mode. If you have purchased a GS inverter you will need to send it in (or do yourself by breaking warranty) because the inverter needs to be rewired for 120V regardless of if you chose to have 120v inputs. If your plan is to run in split mode and you have not purchased an inverter then it can be setup here. Another Downside is you can only run with 2 inverters. So if you plan to have 3 or more inverters then this mode would not work for you and daisy mode would be the only option. The picture below shows 2 inverters setup for Split Sync mode. S = Slave Inverter (Inverter must be set to "Split Sync Slave" in the LCD) M = Master Inverter (Set as Normal) N = Neutral E = Signal Patch L1 = Line 1 L2 = Line 2 NN + NN are tied together between the 2 units. E + E are tied together between the 2 units. M L1 + S E L2 + L2 are NOT tied between the 2 units but rather tied together at the inverter to give full output L1 + L1 are NOT tied between the 2 units but rather tied together at the inverter to give full output N + N are tied together between the 2 units. Your L1, L2, N would lead to the breaker panel in much the same way a 240V Split phase inverter would.
  14. Matt. I labeled everything for you and your electrician. Note the M and S for master and slave. Working on a video as well. Enjoy your new units
  15. Your inverters running in split sync mode. Put almost 4kw between the two. Working out great.
  16. Matt. A picture for you. Hoping to ship these today. Just need to get sid to upgrade to windows 10 and we will be all set
  17. Bob, we are talking about your inverter right now. Getting everything aligned so I can send this out to you.
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