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  2. Well, i moved my printers to run on the master, so I can update the slave that way we can have a test of sorts to make sure there isn't a conflic between the two version being together. never know, want to make sure everything out in the field works in all the wrong ways 😛
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  4. Will just be an update. Sorta tweaking it for a fix right now...
  5. Doing small prints while waiting for your way to resolved it. is it a firmware update that going to need to be done or we got to change something on the gs menu?
  6. Same path here, one day I might cut mains but until then ... (yes, my column is the blank one!) by TheButcher . I can never cut the main . My patio outside is 118 degree F. and can not use the powerjack . My ADU is 32 kwh yesterday and the cost is 3.53 dollars . I live a few miles from the world largest nuclear power plant . I follow the (time of use plan) or the cost would be 4 times and be 13 dollars for one day .
  7. Good clue, if it's happening in a few minutes, it might well be a DNS naming issue that your router is choking on. Should be easy to fix.
  8. Take the second highest ADU and double it and that is ours. Comes out to about 8 dollars a day though.
  9. Well, my printer is done I reset the inveters, they showed up for about two mins then guess what now both are not showing online. so must be that bug, cause it didn't do that on 1.1r2.
  10. hmmm, wondering if the solder could be bad on the negative, but that would effect the voltage at the connection point on the bms if that was the case and its not. so can't be that. Just weird.
  11. Yep the Dayly 100a BMS from battery hook up. 12v. all my other batts got the same kind and they all work fine. but even when I tried a brand new one never used on this battery its giveing the same results. I check the wire coming from the negative to the bms and it shows the correct voltage.
  12. FWIW I realize that I used the wrong terminology...it's not DHCP name (don't think there's such a thing), but rather something like the DNS hostname. I'm aware on 1.1r3 that they likely will be identical between the 2 inverters due to a stupid bug on my end. But we'll have to see.
  13. Isn't that the greatest spot to be? Helps a lot to be out in the country, there's far less nonsense and regulations out here. We actually had to choose between replacing the power pole or disconnecting power and removing the infrastructure. We eventually chose the latter...they took it down, and that was that. Never regretted it.
  14. Also I can put a charger on the battery it self before the bms and it starts charging the batts, but if I try with the bms in the system it won't do jack, in the app it shows the bms is fine. and shows the correct voltage as well, but not on the pysical output.
  15. Okay, here is a weird sictuation on one of my batteries. and I don't know what else to do. its a 216ah 12v 56 cells in a modual. All now wired solder together. On the testing meter it shows 13.36Vdc before the bms. On the bms five wire, its reading all correctly. however, when I plug the bms and check from postive to negtive on terminal I'm getting 12.89Vdc. It will not take a charge, nor give a charge. unplug the balance calbe and the bms cuts off as it should. I've even got another brand new bms same kind out of the box and got the same exact results. I know this battery had a major 275A before it litterly smoke the nickle strips that was holding the postive wires. I've tooken it out of the case, to solder on the bottem and checked all the nickle strips all the spot welds are fine. I'm at a lost, and I need this battery since its a big one for my system.
  16. Beats me, let me know when we need to update, I got a print going again, though should be done maybe tomorrow afternoon. after its done, I'll switch the printers back to the grid side of things so that leave the inverters open to updateing and tinkering.
  17. Same path here, one day I might cut mains but until then ... (yes, my column is the blank one!)
  18. That's a considerably different story, that doesn't sound like inverter faults to me. However, I do confirm that your master inverter seems to be offline. Guess I'll need to look over the code again (try to make sure there aren't shared memory leaks...all the fun stuff I have to keep in mind when programming a processor that is both multicore and multithreading). Might need to make a 1.1r4 with some test patches to see if that helps.
  19. A crash is the same as a restart. If the WiFi board crashes, it is evidenced by a restart (which will briefly ramp the fans to full throttle, though it won't cause the inverter to shut down).
  20. 24 devices is a lot for a home router but that is likely not the issue unless their are not enough IPs available in the DHCP pool (default for many home routers is 50 or 100) Is you router set to have at least 100 IPs available for DHCP? Do you have any DHCP reservations setup in the router? Maybe setting up a DHCP static reservation in the router by powering on each GS inverter would do the trick. If the GS inverters are using the same name the router may not be looking at the different MAC addresses even though it should be so since the slave inverter is booting before the master it is getting the IP first.
  21. Maybe have it reboot the wifi if it detects a crash? Not sure if you can program that or not, but, I really would like to see my inverter. matter of fact, since the master is not ocnnected it makes the page you made for me go nuts and I can't read much cause it refreashing like crazy to get info and jumps all over the place. then just now it showed it was disconnected until I refreashed it.
  22. *lkaughs* I'm on the pay as you go thing for my power, I could litterly just not pay and it get cut off and they would never know I'm still live, until they come to my yard and see all the solar panels and wind turbin lol.
  23. Not everything else is connecting fine. But if your having a dhcp crash going on, then that is probley going to be a issue. having two GS on the sam dhcp is more likely going to crash. IP6 is highly unlikly to be a issue because you could give every grain of sand on a beach a IP6 and it will never be the same. so no on that one ip4 yes.
  24. I have owned my house for about 5 years now however my grandmother was living in the house up until her passing in the spring of last year (not covid-19) and after she passed I basically put the house into mothballs while the family had time to go through things and start cleaning the place out. after about 2 months of the power bill going from about $90 per month to around $25 per month the power company sent an employee to come out and inspect the meter. I happen to be in the house at the time and I went and talked to them. They explained that they noticed I was abruptly using less power and they thought the meter was possibly faulty and explained the situation and they made note of the change on my account. At the time I also told them I wasn't going to be using as much electricity as I am at work sometimes 16-20 hours a day as a teacher so I am not home as much to use electricity. Since then my bill has been averaging $35-50 per month and I have been slowly weening the house off of the grid as I move circuits from one panel to the other. I don't ever plan to disconnect from the grid but I do want to keep the usage very low.
  25. Nope its not my router, I just went into my router settings which I've not done in over two years and make sure the firmware was update which it was, enable AX opa mode, only got the 2.4ghz band go ing the 5ghz is not enabled, only have 24 devices connected to it. rebooted and still same results the slave is only connection the master is not, so its on the GS side.
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