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  2. Uhm dang waterman, might want to consider, enclosing those inverters in a grow tent with several dehumidity in it to keep the humidit ydown.
  3. i will study up on the chokes on ac and dc. thanks for your reply/guidance Powerjack now sell the largest choke I ever seem on ebay . 490 uHenry for the DC side and also can be put on the output AC side for L1 but maybe not L2 because has no filter capacitor . This make L1 like a surge protectin circuit . The DC side will now be a LC filter circuit . see picture . Powerjack know their inverter has a problem and try the best to fix it . I just lately see that the Sol Ark and Growatt inverter has a major problem with surge but will be very difficult to fix because it is a HF Inverter . They has a difficult time running washing machine and dishwasher .
  4. What is the standby draw on your inverter now? DC positive cable measure 0.032 amp x 61v equal 1.95 watt . L2 has no filter cap measure 0.099 amp x 106v equal 10.49 watts . L1 has 4uf filter capacitor measure 0.002 amp x 116v equal 0.23 watt . The black label capacitors blew out were replaced with brown capacitors .
  5. Hmm. Sounding a bit like the thermal switch for the fan control isn't working? Maybe you can trace the wires and try to locate the thermal switch (it looks an awful lot like the MOSFETs actually, but it's a bimetallic thermal switch). Often covered in black goop, on top of the transformer.
  6. The only knob is the charger voltage, it doesn't beep only shutdown and then is a steady beep
  7. PJ had a rash of bad capacitors within the past year...caps that were poor quality and tended to fail easily. As far as I know those caps can be identified by their black label. PJ switched back to the beige/purplish caps after that, which haven't been problematic. Which color caps do your inverter have? What is the standby draw on your inverter now?
  8. Have a lot going on, but hopefully I'll soon be able to get back to the firmware and get an update with battery charging enabled + misc bugfixes. Yes, the WiFi board gives a LOT more info into the inverter's internal workings, that was the point 😉.
  9. i will study up on the chokes on ac and dc. thanks for your reply/guidance. i suspect like you indicate and eevlog also at higher loads and voltages the transient spikes as the inverter ramps up and down may cause surge issues to the inverter electronics. sounds like a good preventative way of giving it a soft start i in time will see if i can aid the inverter a bit more to improve its performance. today i am working on the Electrodacus SBMS0 hookup for the 32 cell Lishen LiFePO4 27,852.8Wh battery; I now have the heavy 15k 24-volt inverter on the shelf hooked to 4/0 cables now and to the 400 amp class T fuse. thanks!
  10. It’s a very nice upgrade then the old pj lcd. I sleep a lot easier at night lol. Haven’t yet connected it to WiFi but the functionality of the board is a must for me. Glad you designed it Sid.
  11. Haha yeah the coat rack is just temporary till I get a boom lift hopefully within a month. I gotta change out the center pole out of tower 1 1/4 to 1 1/2”, turbine is bigger then my last one. Leaf packs no problems besides can’t find anymore full packs( would like to buy another full). Bms had ants but both burned out not sure how, now on a Daly just to get by. Will be ordering a Orion soon.
  12. I didn’t even think of sliding it under the windings, very smart idea Sid. Thanks for responding btw.
  13. Last week
  14. Ha, took me a moment to recognize a WiFi board... ...I can be rather slow sometimes. How's the WiFi board doing for you?
  15. Any glue that isn't acidic / chemically unstable should be fine--you don't want it to eat the enamel off of the transformer wire. (Pretty sure Sean uses regular hot glue.) A favorite trick of mine is to try to slide it under some windings.
  16. Welcome, and thanks for the overview. Didn't know that wind turbine propeller could be used as a coat rack, haha 😉... How's the Leaf pack stacking up? Any BMS/balancing system?
  17. So I don't think these FETs will be dissipating much heat. They are simply on/off switches, and a large number are used to try to prevent them from "fusing on" with a short circuit / high surge load. I would expect any heat generated to be extremely minimal. And then of course there's the 0.03A (max) balance things...little resistors with transistors to turn 'em on. Next to useless on the large battery banks often used in off-grid systems.......
  18. Posted for the benefit of the people here that assemble their own lithium batteries. Check out the amount of casing plastic that protudes over those FETs. Even though there is a thermal pad involved that casing plastic can't be helping with heat conduction & dissipation. The silpad itself is even covered by the casing plastic in places. Quite surprising given the price of a Daly BMS. Caveat emptor.
  19. The only knob is the charger voltage, it doesn't beep only shutdown and then is a steady beep
  20. So Im trying to figure out if e6000 glue is appropriate to glue the thermistors to the transformer? Or what glue do y’all use? I think Sean added 4 total to his old pj upgraded my plan is the same but no idea what glue to use. Please chime in & thanks.
  21. Have you checked the "battery voltage" adjustment knob--that is, if your inverter has it? I wouldn't be surprised if the battery voltage protection is completely disabled. Does the inverter beep several times at startup?
  22. Hey guys & gals, so I finally made it over to the forum. my current setup is: pj 15k 48 inverter, mid nite classic 250 wired to 1 array of (6)265watt panels in series, makeskyblue charger wired to another array of (4)265 panels, all charging 98 Nissan Leaf g1 modules(2 banks of 7p7s).
  23. As long as the ferrite combinations are balanced between the 2 mainboards, you should be just fine. Definitely would not recommend imbalanced ferrites between the 2 mainboards. Both mainboards are driven with exactly the same drive signals (as in, same connection points, not separate outputs). The stock PJ ferrite is pretty good...IF it has 2 full turns of wire around it. In my experimentation, it's roughly the same as an E-core (have experimented with those as well). The ferrite is basically absorbing/filtering the 24KHz SPWM carrier from the FETs. The main transformer will have an extremely low impedance at 24KHz, causing extremely high no-load current due to the transformer deadshorting the FETs. The more of this "carrier" that is absorbed by the ferrites, the better the no-load current will be. The lower limit of the no-load current is the main transformer's magnetizing current + switching losses / control circuitry power requirements; it is not possible to reduce the no-load current farther than this with ferrites.
  24. Although they did not look so damaged, but I changed the mosfets and the driver board.
  25. Oh my, that's a bit more of a test than I expected ;-). Having to find a different PCB supplier, as JLCPCB basically told me that they don't care to keep parts in stock anymore. I really don't care for SMT soldering that much, so I'll have to use someone else. Considering a different PCB supplier (costs more, of course!) that offers conformal coating. That might be highly important for reliability in a humid environment.
  26. maybe not talking about the exact same thing? Another youtube by a electrical engineer EEVblog 1406 - DC Circuit Transients Fundamentals explain how bad an inductive load can be on the DC side . The battery DC input wire of the inverter go directly to the positive of the capacitor and the ripple on the capacitor will destroy the capacitor over time as mention in this forum . I put choke on the positive input like in the picture so now the circuit is a LC circuit . The choke will reduce the ripple on the capacitor and the capacitor will last a little longer running the heavy inductive load of the heat pump . The surge is so bad on the capacitor that the capacitor burn and the solder melted and the capacitor come loose . That why I need the 12kw GS next year . The DC choke also reduce the standby wattage to almost nothing .
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